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Phone Bills out of control?

We recently had a customer from the California Bay Area, who’s Phone Bills were out of control, to ask about a solution for the Business Telephone System with some specific Analog integration needs as well as just simply answering the telephone when a customers or vendors call.

They had an On-Premise Telephone System PBX that was actually working just fine.  The issues was the local dial tone provider was jacking up the rates to an outrageous monthly charge for the same “OLD” services used to deliver Dial Tone to the business using the old copper wires coming down the street.  It’s no secret, this is old tech and they just don’t want to support this much longer with the internet being delivered in a much more reliable method these days.  The phone bill went from $1200/mo. to $3700/mo. in just a few short months.  That’s one way to force a customer to change but they didn’t have a viable solution either.

After a review of the current phone bill and ID all working services, Power 3 Communications was able to Design and implement 100% of the process to make a smooth transition to Hosted VoIP Solution using Elevate UC to provide ALL the services they needed and much more for less then $500/mo.  They’re not all this dramatic but give us a call to see if an upgrade if the right solution for you.  Click here for PBX vs Hosted options.

See the Bill here

Power 3 Communications has been able to get the phone bill under control in many cased that will actually pay for the transition to an upgrade solution within months not years for ROI on your investment to keep your business phone service running smoothly.  Our goal is to be your trusted advisor when it comes to your business telephone needs and not to just ship you the equipment and let YOU become the tech, unless that’s what you prefer.  Give us a Call or Text today to see what works best for you.  508-718-5555.

Don’t let the phone company get the best of you.  Let us help get your phone bill back in YOUR control.



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