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Samsung OfficeServ

The Samsung OfficeServ PBX systems have been Manufacturer Discontinued.  However, Power 3 Communications had become the LARGEST OfficeServ Authorized Dealer in the New England Area and is still actively supporting the entire product line.  If you need service on your system hardware, Software Upgrades or need to get additional phones, give us a call today to check our inventory.

Samsung OfficeServ Systems

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Samsung Digital and IP Telephones

Power 3 can provide repair or replacement to most of the Samsung DCS, DS, iDCS, ITP and SMt-i version of the Keyset. Give us a call today to check our inventory.

Samsung Telephones

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Contact us today – Call or Text us at 508-718-5555 or info@power3comm.com to schedule a no obligation consultation.  Power 3 Communications offers the Experience, Quality of Workmanship and Solutions to be your trusted advisor on any issue pertaining to your Business Telephone Solution.


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