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Most every company claims to provide great service. The claim is used so frequently that it can become meaningless. But what does “great service” really mean? This is what it means if you purchase a system from Power 3 Communications:

It begins with the products we have chosen to distribute, Samsung & NEC. You can learn much about the products capabilities and features on our web site, but one of the principle reasons we sell this brand is its high degree of reliability. Service starts with selecting a QUALITY product that does not require frequent visits from our technicians.

We take a consultative approach to sales and suggest a meeting with every potential customer. The purpose of these meetings is to develop an understanding of the unique communications needs of each office and educate potential customers in plain English how we can address the identified needs and provide solutions – before we provide a quotation. If we cannot offer a SOLUTION that will provide value, we will say so.

Installations are performed without disruption to business operations and with minimal, if any, down time. Power 3 Communications will provide a seamless transition to the new system.
We provide live call answering and service dispatch 24/7 – that’s right, whenever you call us, the phone will be answered by a person. We offer help desk support, and if the problem cannot be addressed with our remote access capability, a technician will be dispatched to your office immediately. All Power 3 technicians are factory certified and have at least 15 years of telecommunications experience.

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Contact us today at 508-543-7500 or info@power3comm.com to schedule a no obligation consultation.  Power 3 Communications offers the Experience, Quality of Workmanship and Solutions to be your trusted advisor on any issue pertaining to your Business Telephone Solution.


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