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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) consists of a number of applications based upon integrating an office’s telephone system with the computer network. CTI apps are designed to enhance organizational efficiency and productivity (an informational note to address a common misconception: CTI does not require or involve Voice over IP for most of the available applications). The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series communications systems have supported  CTI for a number of years – the timing of this post is based upon the forthcoming release by Samsung Telecommunications America of Samsung Xchange, which is a product portfolio which significantly enhances Samsung’s position in the CTI space. Information specific to Xchange will be available on our web page in the coming weeks, this blog will address the most common CTI applications.

Screen popping is a feature that opens a contact record ( in, for example; Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Goldmine) based upon the incoming caller id information. Information pertaining to the caller is available immediately, and updates based upon the call can be entered as necessary. This enhances both the caller’s experience by minimizing time on the phone and the productivity of the employee by eliminating the process of manually opening the caller’s contact record.

Desk top call control is another CTI app that enhances efficiency. Calls can be made by simply “clicking” on the number in the contact record – this is especially useful to people who make a large number of outbound calls as it saves time and increases accuracy by not having to dial the number. Desk top call control also provides the capability to redirect incoming calls on a real time basis without having to first answer the call. This also improves the caller’s experience by directing them to someone who can help them immediately if the person they called is busy with someone else and reduces the amount telephone tag.

Presence is one of the more recent CTI apps, but one which I believe will gain wide scale deployment because of the benefits it provides. Presence information allows you to instantly see who is available in your organization from the desk top (including availability by mobile phone, in Samsung’s case), giving more flexibility to assist customers or set up short-term meetings and conference calls. The result is precise communication that all but eliminates the inefficiency of phone tag or email messaging.

The common thread linking each of these apps is their ability to increase organizational competitiveness by making employees more accessible to customers, and reducing costs by enhancing efficiency and workforce productivity. Stay tuned for the information we will be providing on Samsung Xchange, which includes all of these applications and  much more.

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