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We have discussed Voice over IP applications in general terms in previous blogs. I had a meeting with an existing customer a couple of weeks back which I have decided to share as it illustrates the “real life ” benefits VoIP technology provides. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss expanding the Samsung OfficeServ 7100 communications system to support their growth –  the conversation started with him telling me how great VoIP has been for his business.

This customer is a manufacturing company headquartered in southeastern Massachusetts. Currently they are using 14 digital extensions in the office and four Samsung ITP 5121 IP phones for remote locations – two of the remote offices happen to be in Hong Kong and the Phillipines. Our customer’s assessment of their experience with VoIP put it best: “this technology is amazing – the Hong Kong and Phillpiines offices call each other and the main office for free, and we call them for free! In addition to all this, the voice quality is great.” The calls to and from the international offices are free because VoIP voice traffic is carried over an internet connection – just like an email message. Since the  IP phones are simply  extensions off their phone system, calls from the Asian offices to anywhere in the US are billable as domestic calls.

As this customer is also using SIP lines from Broadvox for phone service, they are able to make unlimited local and long distance calls for a flat monthly fee of $29.00 per line. (SIP trunking is very viable alternative to conventional phone service if reliable, inexpensive broadband is available from either Comcast or Verizon FIOS).

This case study illustrates some significant points for anyone considering a new telephone system. VoIP deployment is suitable for any size company and provides excellent voice quality. The system configuration for this customer is also noteworthy. They are using digital telephones in the office and VoIP where it is warranted by their specific requirements: the remote phones (for full integration with the office and the elimination of international calling charges) and phone lines (for reducing the monthly phone bill). Power 3 Communications implements these types of solutions by taking the time to design systems which address the operational needs of our customers and by offering the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series of communications platforms that offer the flexibility necessary to address customer specific applications.

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