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With well over 80 Years of Combined Experience directly related to Business Telephone Systems and Solutions, our intent is to provide a resource that will be both informative and educational on all matters pertaining to Telecommunications which may benefit the small to medium size business environment.  We encourage readers to contact us directly for questions, additional information, OR, looking to resolve or implement a unique Business Telephone Solution using Traditional Premised based PBX or the latest in Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Cloud Based Solutions to help keep your business running smoothly for remote workers or roaming sales teams using Cell Phone Apps for Mobility Solutions.  We help you Connect Anytime, Anywhere with AnyOne!

VoIP Telephones or Digital?

This question comes up in virtually every conversation with prospective customers. Some people seem to think that VoIP (IP) telephones must be the way to go because they are the hot new item. Our view is that the choice of IP sets or digital depends on the specific...

SIP Trunking

In our last posting, we discussed a non profit organization that deployed SIP trunks as an inexpensive means of utiliizing D.I.D. SIP was a perfect solution in this case - the end user got big company capability without resorting to the expense of a T1/PRI circuit....

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