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One of the features requested by many small to medium size organizations is Direct Inward Dialing, or DID as it is commonly referred to. DID allows everyone in the office to have a dedicated phone number that rings directly to their extension without having to have individual phone lines. The traditional means of acquiring this feature was to have a T1 line (which supports up to 24 phone lines) from a phone company and a T1 card for the phone system. T1 lines are not generally a good choice for a small office as the monthly fee is quite expensive.

Samsung OfficeServ 7100Case Study

A small non-profit on the North Shore wanted a new telephone system that included DID numbers for eight staff numbers so they could be directly accessible to the people they serve. They needed 12 phones in total and could not justify the monthly expense for a T1 line. The solution we provided was to install a Samsung OfficeServ 7100 converged communications platform equipped with just four SIP trunks for the DID application. SIP trunking is a Voice over IP application that gives Internet Telephony Solutions Providers the ability to offer access to the public telephone network over a broadband internet connection such as Comcast or FIOS – no T1 line needed! We coupled these four SIP trunks with four basic analog phone lines for calls to their main number – resulting in a fully integrated and cost effective solution for our customer.

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